Golly’s Folly: Behind the Story


Happy Monday! We want to thank you for your gracious response to our pre-order launch last week! As promised, here is what into writing Golly’s Folly.




About the Authors

Eleazar Ruiz

Eleazar was born and raised in the Dominican Republic where he discovered his love for creative arts and vibrant colors. In addition to creative arts, Eleazar has deep interest in theology, so he attended Bible college in 2010 to pursue a bachelor in theological studies.

He has seven years of experience working simultaneously in the worlds of freelance, in-house teams, and design firms. In his professional career, he has done everything from leading design teams to being the only in-house designer, including art directing for a group of sixteen churches with an online audience of millions, a publishing company, and a record label.

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Bekah Ruiz

Bekah studied elementary education at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon. She spent half of her life in Dallas, Texas and half in Portland, Oregon and has spent her career in various academic settings such as elementary schools, colleges, and a library. She loves the sun, all things silly, and teaching a bright-eyed learner! Bekah’s ideal Saturday would involve a lot of coffee and friends.

Eleazar and his wife Bekah met at Bible college. He and Bekah currently reside in greater Seattle, Washington.


The thirty-page digital Golly's Folly workbook ($12.99 retail price)
Three coloring pages