Internships at Patrol are disorganized and entirely unpaid. On the other hand, they are remote, flexible, and promise a wealth of knowledge in the areas of marketing, publishing, writing, art, and theology. It also includes the perk of free books, films, and not to mention our gratitude.

Duties include reading submissions, responding to emails, proofreading, researching, project managing, maintaining our social media channels, and if you’re in the area, attending packing PAR-TAYS!

If you’re interested in gaining knowledge in a particular industry/field as a Patrol intern, check out our current needs below and find one that best fits you.


  • Must provide your own laptop for the duration of the internship.

  • Six month commitment

  • 5-20 hour per week time commitment

  • Must love Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars and Popcorn (we are serious, this is a non-negotiable)


  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal)

  • Proficient in Google apps: Docs, Sheets and Drive.

Nice to haves

  • Proficient in Asana and Slack

  • One Year Experience


Open Internship Positions

Project Manager Assistant

You are a go-getter and a problem-solver, and you likely have symptoms of OCD. You absolutely love organization and hate not knowing the deadline for your tasks. To-do lists are the juice that gives you the joy you believe everyone should have in life. You enjoy figuring things out even if you don’t have the information to do so.


  • Work alongside the lead project manager

  • Attend weekly meetings with the Patrol team to discuss priorities, news and directional changes

  • Coordinating communications between Patrol, authors and other organizations

  • Responding to general inquiries about Patrol

  • Providing weekly status updates on projects to author/artist

  • Creating weekly sales reports and generating royalty structures and monthly statements for author/artist.


Marketing Assistant

You love serving people by telling them about the latest life gadgets you just discovered. You feel that you are doing a disservice to humanity if you don’t tell people about an awesome product. You are Mr./Miss Let-Me-Tell-You.


  • Work alongside the director of marketing

  • Schedule/publish two posts per week on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

  • Create post schedules and make sure we never run out of content

  • Ensure a steady supply of content for the future

  • Craft email blasts using Mailchimp

  • Proofread blog posts

  • Recruit bloggers to write for Patrol

Customer Care

You are the customer service ninja! You LOVE people and solving their problems. You also have great high energy and are super contagious (with personality not germs)! If you don’t have the answer, you’ll make it your life’s goal to solve someone else’s problem. A happy and satisfied customer is your utmost reward.


  • Manage our customer service email account by answering customer questions within 48 hours

  • Provide customer support through Facebook messages

  • Read author’s submissions and respond to them


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When Are You Able to Start?

If you want to join the team but you don’t see something fitting, shoot us a quick email at letting us know: (1) your relevant experience, (2) why you are interested in Patrol particularly, (3) what you hope to get out of the internship, and (4) when you are available to start. Interns must be at least eighteen years old.