Patrol does not accept unsolicited/unrepresented submissions — but thank you for thinking of us! Read below for details.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is Patrol a publisher?

In contrast to traditional publishers, Patrol is a studio which focuses on publishing new stories put together by its internal creative team. While we do collaborate with outside artists and writers at times, we primarily concentrate on coming up with original stories and working together to make those stories into the best books we can.

Does Patrol accept submissions from artists or writers?

The short answer is no. While we do collaborate with outside artists, we do so in a way that differs from the usual publishing model.

Our process is extremely collaborative, so much so that the story is no longer the product of one individual, but is rather the result of an entire team working together. This long-term process isn't for everybody, and we completely understand that! If you'd still like to share your idea with us, please see below.

Can I share my idea with you?

Firstly, we're honored that you'd want to share with us — thank you! While we primarily concentrating on internal content from our own team, we would still love to hear your idea.

Feel free to email, but please know that since we're a small team, we have a limited amount of bandwidth and are unable to respond to all requests. If your idea is something we'd like to discuss more and potentially collaborate with our team on, we will get in contact with you and start the conversation. We really do appreciate whenever anybody gets in contact with us, so thank you!