Our Team


Eleazar Ruiz

Co-Founder, Content Director & Head of Design

Passionate about the Bible and serving the body of Christ, Eleazar has a long list of graphic design clients, including Microsoft, Xbox, Tooth & Nail Records, BEC Recordings, and a LOT of churches. Eleazar brings his love for theology and his eye for design to all the projects Patrol puts out. By communicating vision, directing content, managing brand, and overseeing every design decision of each Patrol product, Eleazar collaborates with the Patrol team to ensure that even the smallest details are just right.


Rommel Ruiz

Co-Founder, Art Director & Illustrator

An accomplished designer and illustrator for clients in a variety of industries, Rommel is deeply passionate about using the gift of visual storytelling to enjoy and glorify Jesus. Rommel oversees the visual language of every product and Patrol’s vision as a company, in addition to working as one of Patrol’s primary illustrators. Rommel’s book credits include Golly’s Folly, Luther, and The Gospel in Color, as well as the animated visuals of the award-winning Luther documentary.


Bekah Ruiz

Co-Founder & Shipping Manager 

Bekah’s background in biblical studies (she actually met her husband Eleazar when they both attended Bible School) and children’s education came together in her experience co-writing Patrol’s very first book, Golly’s Folly. In addition to her day job as a college administrator, Bekah handles Patrol’s order fulfillment, shipping, and stock inventory. If you’ve ever bought one of our books, you’ve been the recipient of Bekah’s hard work — because every Patrol product thus far has passed through Bekah’s attention to detail before reaching your hands.


Pip Craighead

Director of Communications

Pip’s long-standing passions for reading and drawing, along with his film school education and experience as a copywriter and communications director for Reality LA, prepared him well for his current role at Patrol. With a drive for clarity and a pathological fear of typos, Pip oversees communications and edits copy for Patrol. His love for gospel-centered storytelling and illustration is evident in his first children’s book, Little Francis Falls Asleep, which Patrol put out in 2017.