We believe beauty and sound theology are inseparable.

We believe that by combining the beauty aesthetic and life-impacting truth, we can profoundly stir every Christian's affections for the Bible and ultimately its divine Author.



You are likely passionate about the same things that we are.

Do you enjoy theology? Do you create art? Do you appreciate beauty? Are you led to pen words that spur others on to love and good works? Then we want to know you and your art--and we want to introduce others to you too! Thankfully, we have just the platform to do it!

Patrol has only been in business since the summer of 2016 and we have quickly gained a strong, engaging, and loyal following on each of the most popular social media platforms.




We currently accept unsolicited articles. All writing for WeArePatrol.com should reflect these core values:

Jesus centered / Creatively oriented / Culturally relevant / Helpful


Types of Posts We Love

  • Book reviews (must be visual, Christian books)

  • Interviews with artists (all types) featuring their book(s)

  • Theology of the arts

  • Creativity in the church

  • Theology and cooking

  • Theology and music

  • Theology and film

  • Theology and photography

  • Theology and architecture

  • Theology and interior design

  • TV Series reviews

  • Movie Reviews


All proposals should be saved as a PDF and submitted in the form below. If your submission is approved, we will then request an editable document for final preparation and posting.

Your article must be 500-800 words of copy. The chief editor will review and respond to article submissions within 5 to 10 business days.




Our goal is to become known as the hub of content on theology and the arts.

You can help us make that a reality by submitting your content. Fill out the form below to begin the process. We are excited to hear from you!

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