Patrol is a team of storytellers and artists producing books which tell fiction and non-fiction stories inspired by the Bible.



The Gospel

The gospel compels us to tell the stories we tell — because the gospel is the most important, transformative news possible, and exactly the news that human hearts long to hear. It is its power to transform people that causes us storytellers to be passionate about sharing its life altering and transformative news.


Visual Storytelling

Sometimes biblical truths can be hard to comprehend. In the gospels, we see that Jesus used storytelling as a way to communicate effectively with his listeners, using accessible narratives to help people understand spiritual truths about the kingdom of God and its relation to our lives.

Not only are people drawn to stories, they’re also drawn to captivating illustrations — particularly in a visual culture such as ours. That’s why we at Patrol are passionate about telling stories accompanied by vibrant imagery. We see this visual storytelling as a way to use our God-given imaginations to communicate biblical truths to all people, including everyday Christians.



We share stories in the form of children’s books, graphic novels, Bible studies, biographies, and more. We believe people are drawn to works that are produced with high attention to detail and desire for quality, which is why we pour a lot of love and thought into every book we produce.


Meet the team





Husband and wife Eleazar and Bekah Ruiz, along with Eleazar's brother Rommel, sat down to write and illustrate their first children’s book.



After three years of writing, storyboarding, and illustrating, the time came to find a publisher. But it proved difficult to find a good fit for the type of work they wanted to make.

They dreamed of partnering with a company where theology was elevated and art was highly valued. Unfortunately, they found that in the current publishing world, those characteristics can be rare.

July 18

So in response, the Ruizes — Bekah (an educator), Rommel (a commercial artist), and Eleazar (an art director/graphic designer) — founded Patrol Books to support the release of their first children’s book: Golly's Folly: The Prince Who Wanted it All. Their goal was to create a publishing house where other authors and illustrators with like-minded passion could publish their works.


Six months after releasing Golly's Folly to some success, Patrol became more than just a book publisher, selling films in addition to books. The Patrol roster grew, adding new team members and new books along the way.


Learning from the lessons of 2017, Patrol has positioned itself as an illustration studio which releases original stories crafted by an internal team of passionate storytellers and artists. Patrol's focus is on coming up with new stories and presenting them in well-written, beautifully illustrated books.

Patrol presented this new model as it launched its very first Kickstarter campaign. The whole team was so encouraged by people's enthusiastic and generous response, as Patrol received $40,000 in order to help launch its next wave of stories.



Patrol does not accept unsolicited/unrepresented submissions — but thank you for thinking of us!

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