Golly's Folly Book Tour Recap


Last week Golly's Folly finally became available to the public. It was an exciting busy week here at Patrol Books. The book is flying off the shelves! Thanks to all of you who have been  supportive.

Last weekend we had the opportunity to fly to Southern California and tour with the book around bookstores, coffeeshops and churches. The response was beyond our wildest dreams! We sold in one weekend just as many orders we sold while the book was in pre-order for three months!


Springs of Life Bookstore

Our first stop was last Friday where we had the privilege to perform a read-aloud to a group of 30+ kids and parents. While eating donuts, drinking coffee and eating candy we had the chance to hang out and catch up with lots of friends. If was a very refreshing experience to finally read the book for the very first time to other people.


Synced Culture Community Night

On Saturday Night, Eleazar Ruiz, Owner and Art Director at Patrol Books was invited to speak to a group of 40+ creatives about writing, creativity, inspiration and our latest release Golly's Folly.

It was neat to be able to talk to so many different kinds of creatives. Lots of great connections were made.


Towards the end of the Tour...

On our final and most busy day in California Bekah got the stomach flu... yeah, talk about perfect timing... That day the team was supposed to be present in five church services; teaching, signing and selling books. 

Instead, because of our short handed staff, we had to cut one of the services and run around like maniacs to make everything work.

Thankfully, in this case, we didn't have enough books to fulfill all five services. We were pretty much sold out by the third.



Book Tour Continues

The tour isn't over! In the upcoming weeks/months we will be focusing on the Pacific Northwest. We'll be visiting bookstores and churches in the greater Seattle, Portland and Bellingham areas. More information to come on all these future events.