"Little Francis Falls Asleep" Now Available


Today's the day! We're excited to officially release Little Francis Falls Asleep, the very first kids book written and illustrated by Pip Craighead.

The book tells the story of one kid's search for rest and the vital life lesson he learns through his quest. This is a story that kids and adults alike can relate to, with the biblical message that true and lasting rest is only found when we take our eyes off ourselves and look instead to God.

Featuring playful, quirky characters and a sense of starry-eyed wonder, this book is designed to be read over and over — and we really hope you enjoy it!


"In a restless and frantic world, Little Francis Falls Asleep is an invitation to find rest in a beautifully written story and the meaningful conversations it will create between parents and children. Pip Craighead is able connect deep biblical truths with daily life in such a way that stretches the imagination and touches the soul. I’m grateful for this book, and so are my children!"

–Jeremy Treat, Pastor at Reality LA, Professor at Biola University, and Author of The Crucified King


"Francis’ journey to fall asleep is one great starry embrace. This is a treasure every parent will read over and over again... and every child will approve."

–Steve Bjorkman, Illustrator of over 100 picture books, including the New York Times best-seller Dirt on My Shirt

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