Patrol is committed to publishing quality books which feature gospel-centered, visually engaging content presented in an accessible, enjoyable way. If you have a great idea for a book in line with that vision, we would love to hear from you! Fill out the form below and if your project feels like a good fit, we'll invite you to submit a proposal.

Writer Guidelines

All manuscripts must meet these requirements:

  • Must be clearly gospel-centric
  • Must be at least 800 words, but no more than 100,000
  • Must arise from the historic, orthodox Christian worldview; check out our beliefs page for details

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Patrol looking for?

Patrol wants to provide highly accessible content, which we aim to do by meeting the following goals with each book we publish:

  • maintain a relatively low word count (no more than 100,000 words) for maximum readability
  • feature visuals which vividly depict and explain the book's themes
  • tell fiction and nonfiction stories which the everyday Christian can relate to

What is Patrol's target audience?

  • Everyday Christians

What kind of books does Patrol publish?

We're looking for fiction and nonfiction books for adults and kids alike which point to the good news of Jesus in an engaging, visually rich way. We're open to the following:

  • Graphic novels
  • Picture books
  • Board books
  • Chapter books
  • Visual books

What kind of books don't fit with Patrol's current publishing goals?

  • Academic works
  • Commentaries
  • Exposés

When will Patrol respond to my submission?

We're honored whenever anybody shares their idea with us, but for the purposes of time, we're only able to respond when we think a project fits with Patrol's current schedule and goals. If that's the case with your book, we will respond within six weeks of your submission to request a formal proposal. If we don't respond within that time, please feel free to submit your manuscript elsewhere — and thanks again for taking the time to submit to us in the first place.