The Inspiration Behind the Moonman Story


As we were so delighted to announce last week, The Moonman Cometh has officially arrived! And now we’re pleased to share the story behind the story — click above as writer/illustrator C.S. Fritz shares how this book grew out of his own personal experiences of pain, hope, and longing.

A Story of Christmas

All too often, children’s books about Christmas don’t actually communicate what Christmas is all about. That’s why we’re particularly excited to share The Moonman Cometh with you — because it’s designed to reflect the good news that Christmas celebrates: the light of Christ coming into a dark world. 

The Moonman Cometh provides a thoughtful way for parents and children to celebrate the redemptive power of who Jesus is and what he came to do. The book features accompanying discussion questions and Scripture reading to help you talk with your child about who Christmas is truly about.


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