Learn the Creative Secrets Behind the Moonman


Ever wonder why writers and illustrators design characters the way they do?

Well, in that case, the above should be a real treat for you. Watch writer/illustrator C.S. Fritz explain his influences and motivations behind the captivating character designs of The Moonman Cometh.

What Paul Tripp Says About the Book


"Because children have fertile imaginations and think in story form, I think God’s love for them is demonstrated in the fact that he gave the gospel to us in story form. I have an affection for any story that is written or told that helps children understand the beauty, wonder, and necessity of the story of stories, the story of the person and work of Jesus. Moonman Cometh does this, with a tenderness and creative beauty, in a way that will capture the hearts and imaginations of children and get them to think about the best gift ever given - the gift of Jesus."

–Paul David Tripp, pastor and best-selling author; New Morning Mercies and Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family


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